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 After I completed my first teacher training I was completely unaware of what happened next. When I landed back in the UK I asked a studio if I could hire their space on the weekends when they didn’t use it, it just so happened they required a cover teacher 2 days later. I was lucky that this started the ball rolling for my teaching. I also hired a space and went from there. Not knowing what I was doing I sort of figured it out along the way.

Many new teachers I speak to find it hard to get that first opportunity and start to question their confidence in themselves. I have designed this program to empower yoga teachers in a safe environment to take their teaching to the next level. Together we will break down the art of sequencing, finding your voice and the business of yoga. The next 12 weeks will help you to create a sustainable career that you are passionate about.

There will be weekly assignments to help refine your teaching skills, group conversations and one to one video calls because it’s not a one size fits all program.

What is included:

·         4 x one to one video calls

·         Weekly assignments

·         Weekly emails and updates

·         Lifetime access to our online community

Cost is £280

Payment plans available. Email me to sign up.


Video call subjects:

Before you start


Why did you decide to train as a yoga teacher and what is your intention moving forward with this? What is holding you back? Once we have outlined this we can working on achieving this together.

Month 1

The Art of Sequencing

We will go over any question's that come up during this module, so you can confidently plan your classes, playlist and themes. We will also look at designing your own schedule, making sure you build and define a timetable that works for you. *no new teacher burn outs here*


Month 2

Finding your voice

A large part of this call will focus on the assignments and how you found them. This module is created to push your comfort zones in order for you to grow into the teacher you know you can be.


Month 3

The Business of Yoga

What I like to call the Hustle. It’s not easy starting out as a Yoga teacher. It’s a booming market and there is a lot of competition. We will be talking about how to make money doing what you love in a sustainable way. Building a brand, deciding what you want to offer (public classes, private, workshops, retreats), self-care and how to maintain a personal practice.