Charlotte is a ball of positive energy. She is clear and consice when instructing and pitched the yoga to suit the different needs of the class. Nothing was too much for her! I can’t wait to book again.


I would recommend you to any runner who wants to improve their times…  I ran my first half marathon race of the year yesterday and found it tough, but found that I was going faster than expected and just missed out on a long-standing PB!  I put all that down to yoga…


This testimonial is completely voluntary; I had to ask Charlotte if she would like one for her website! 

I started Yoga as a complete beginner, age (I don’t believe in it) over 50 (and the rest :).

I chose Charlotte for her energy (I sense energy), there was a very short bio and peaceful photo. 

Yoga with Charlotte is turning out to be an amazingly beautiful and utterly surprising transformation process, and I am profoundly grateful to the friend who suggested I try yoga.

I started with a one-to-one with Charlotte (I wasn’t at all sure that yoga was for me, and I didn’t want to totally embarrass myself, or others, in a class).

I left that very first lesson (already standing more upright!) with a body that felt so much more free!  
I, (body and mind), drifted with a new sense of harmony and peace down Guildford High Street, I felt "wonderful".

Within a couple of weeks I joined Charlotte's Yin Yoga class as well. As a beginner I felt that to hold positions for longer would help my changing body keep its new shape, and being floor based it seems like less work. Again, I leave feeling like I’m taking home a new and younger body.

It occurred to me as I was driving home one day, as I mentally tracked back through my life I realised that it’s possible that my body has “never” felt so good.

As all the tiny muscles reawaken and come back into use, I am so much more flexible in daily life, movement becomes almost effortless, and my balance on one leg has seriously improved.

I feel I have a strong appreciation for quality in life, and I have found Charlotte to be a high quality human being.

Charlotte has wide ranging knowledge and experience, (I like the quiet yoga) and somehow she can sense the code that can open up your body. Regardless of your age just “try” Yoga with Charlotte Temple, you will be giving yourself the most wonderful gift; it may very well be, the best gift of your life.



Charlotte created a beautiful Autumn retreat, the venue was idyllic, and the whole weekend flowed from one nurturing experience to another. The food was incredible and the yoga classes were inspired - each practice was perfectly timed and Charlotte was able to guide each student at their own level, always with a smile and a clear depth of knowledge. A magical weekend that filled my heart, calmed my mind and nourished my body.